Section A-11 – Dairy Beef

Deb Tice, Chairperson—717-926-4273

Youth Dairy Beef Show-Wednesday, July 26


Dairy Beef Class Rules 

1. All dairy beef animals must meet PA Department of Agriculture health requirements.  See page 16 for requirements.

2. Exhibitor must be currently carrying a 4-H or FFA dairy beef project.

3. All animals must be tagged with a Lebanon Area Fair eartag by the accepted date.  Two animals may be tagged, but only one may show.

4. All exhibitors must be present to assist with pen set-up on Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning prior to the Fair and have project books checked by one of the project leaders.

5. All exhibitors must also be present to clean up the Saturday following the Fair or be granted an excuse by a project leader.

6. Dairy beef must be dehorned and castrated.  No late castrations will be allowed.

7. Check-in time is Saturday morning 7 a.m.-10 a.m.

8. Calves will be weighed in upon arrival at the Fairgrounds.  Calves must meet the minimum weight of 450 lbs. and there is no maximum.

9. If an animal breaks away from the owner two times, the exhibitor will be asked to leave the show ring and the animal is ineligible to sell at the Small Animal Sale.  However, the exhibitor will have the option of accepting the packer bid.  Should the exhibitor decline this option, it will be his/her responsibility to remove the animal from the grounds.

10. Dairy Beef will be shown on Wednesday, July 26 at 9 a.m., and all will be sold at the Small Animal Sale, Wednesday evening at 6 p.m.


Classes: **To be determined after weigh-in.

Premiums: 1st- $14.00; 2nd- $12.00; 3rd- $10.00; 4th- $8.00; 5th- $6.00

ENTRY FEE: $1.40

NOTE: See Champion Bred and Owned 4-H Project Class.




01. Ages 16-18

02. Ages 14-15

03. Ages 12-13

04. Ages 10-11

05. Ages 8-9

Premiums: 1st- $10.00; 2nd- $8.00; 3rd- $6.00; 4th- $4.00; 5th- $2.00; All Others Worthy- $1.00




01. Out of School

02. In School

Premiums: 1st- $10.00; 2nd- $8.00; 3rd- $6.00; 4th- $4.00; 5th- $2.00; All Others Worthy- $1.00