Pennsylvania and Lebanon Area Fair Cattle Requirements:

1. A Certificate of Veterinary Inspection issued within the 30 days prior to the opening date of the exhibition is required.

2. Individual official animal identification is required. Official ID includes a USDA issued metal ear tag; a breed registration tattoo if the tattoo is legible and if a registration certificate (copy acceptable) or Certificate of Veterinary Inspection which lists the tattoo and registry accompanies the animal at all times during transport from the premises of birth; or a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag.

3. An Animal Owner or Caretaker’s Verification of Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship (VCPR) statement for the animals be-ing exhibited is included on the Fair registration form. It must be signed by the exhibitor.

4. Vaccinations against the following diseases are required: *Rabies *IBR *PI3 *BRSV *BVD

*All drug and vaccine label directions must be followed, including but not limited to milk and slaughter withdrawal periods. The vaccine may not be given more than 180 days before show, and the final dose of vaccine must be administered at least 15 days prior to entry into the exhibition.

***Hyperimmune serum may not be used as a substitute for the above vaccination requirement. No animals will be admitted to the Fairgrounds unless these requirements have been met.


Dale Maulfair, Chairperson—717-865-6439

Open Dairy Shows-Tuesday, July 25 & Friday, July 28

Please see additional entry requirements on the EXHIBIT page.

Dairy Cattle Rules

1. All dairy cattle must meet the PA Dept. of Agriculture health requirements.

2. Registration and health papers must accompany the animals at check-in.

3. Thirty-day ownership is not required but premiums will not be paid on these animals.

4. Exhibitors may show more than one animal per class but may receive only two premiums per class.

5. Each exhibitor is limited to 10 animals, except Open Holstein which is 12 animals.

6. Limited substitutions will be taken until check-in time. Substitutions must be in same breed.

7. All Youth Holsteins and all Colored Breeds must be in place by 3 p.m. Saturday of the Fair. Color Breeds and Junior Holstein exhibitors not showing on Friday are released after Supreme Champion Tuesday with approval of the Fair Chairperson. Open Holsteins must be in place by 3 p.m. Wednesday of the Fair. Open Holstein release time is from the end of show until 4 p.m or after 9 p.m. on Friday.  

8. Exhibitor defined– The individual who is housing the animal, with verification provided by an official health certificate and/or official DHI sheet, will be considered the exhibitor for tabulation of Premier Exhibitor points.

9. Breeder defined– The individual whose prefix appears on the registry certificate shall be considered the breeder of the animal for tabulation of Premier Breeder points.

10. Partnership or Syndicate Ownership– Regardless of ownership, Premier Exhibitor points will be awarded to the individual who is housing the animal. Pertaining to the Premier Breeder, all points will be awarded to the prefix. THERE WILL BE NO SPLITTING OF PREMIER BREEDER AND/OR EXHIBITOR POINTS.

11. Holstein milking classes will start at noon. Any dry cow classes not judged by that time will be shown after the milking classes.

12. All group classes must be entered by check-in time and papers will be checked upon entering show ring.

13. The name of the breeder and owner must be identical on the Registration Certificate in order to be considered eligible for Best Animal Bred & Owned, or the owner must have use of the prefix of the farm. Must be registered with the Holstein Assoc. Award sponsored by Morrissey Insurance.

14. Qualified Entry (QE) animals are eligible. Eligible animals must have a qualified certificate of 87%.

15. This show is open to Pennsylvania residents only.

16. Red and White animals must be registered in Red and White Association.

17. Premier Awards– Total points will be determined by the six highest point animals for both Premier Breeder and Premier Exhibitor. Points are figured on the following basis:


Senior Females 1st – 20, 2nd – 18, 3rd – 16, 4th – 14, 5th – 12, 6th – 10, 7th – 8, 8th – 6, 9th – 4, 10th – 2

Bulls & Junior Females 1st – 10, 2nd – 9, 3rd – 8, 4th – 7, 5th – 6, 6th – 5, 7th – 4, 8th – 3, 9th – 2, 10th – 1

18.  Anyone not wearing the correct number in their harness in the show ring will be disqualified.


1. Ayrshire
2. Brown Swiss
3. Guernsey
4. Holstein
5. Jersey
6. Milking Shorthorn
7. Lineback
8. Red and White

Class # and Birthdate

01. Spring Heifer Calf-3/1/16-5/31/16

02. Winter Heifer Calf-12/1/15-2/28/16

03. Fall Heifer Calf-9/1/15-11/30/15

Premiums: 1st-$15; 2nd-$14; 3rd-$13; 4th-$12; 5th-$11; 6th-$10; 7th-$9; 8th-$8; 9th-$7; 10th-$6

ENTRY FEE: $6.00

04. Summer Yearling Heifer- 6/1/16-8/31/16

05. Spring Yearling Heifer-3/1/16-5/31/16

06. Winter Yearling Heifer-12/1/15-2/28/16

07. Fall Yearling Heifer-9/1/15-11/30/15

Premiums: 1st-$25; 2nd-$23; 3rd-$21; 4th-$19; 5th-$17; 6th-$15; 7th-$13; 8th-$11; 9th-$9; 10th-$7

ENTRY FEE: $6.00

08. Junior Best 3 Females, all bred by exhibitor, 2 owned by owner

Premiums: 1st-$30; 2nd-$25; 3rd-$20; 4th-$15; 5th-$12; 6th-$10


09. Dry cow, 4 years & under

10. Dry cow, 5 years & over

Premiums: 1st-$30; 2nd-$27; 3rd-$25; 4th-$22; 5th-$20; 6th-$18; 7th-$15; 8th-$12; 9th-$10; 10th-$8

ENTRY FEE: $6.00

11. Junior 2-year-old cow-3/1/15-8/31/15

12. Senior 2-year-old cow-9/1/14-2/28/15

Premiums: 1st-$35; 2nd-$32; 3rd-$29; 4th-$26; 5th-$23; 6th-$20; 7th-$17; 8th-$14; 9th-$11; 10th-$8

ENTRY FEE: $6.00

13. Junior 3-year-old cow-3/1/14-8/31/15

14. Senior 3-year-old cow-9/1/13-2/28/14

15. Four-year-old cow-9/1/12-8/31/13

16. Five-year-old cow-9/1/11-8/31/12

17. Six years and over-Born prior to 9/1/11

18. 100,000 lb cow

Premiums: 1st-$40; 2nd-$36; 3rd-$33; 4th-$29; 5th-$26; 6th-$23; 7th-$19; 8th-$15; 9th-$13; 10th-$11

ENTRY FEE: $6.00

19. Cow, any age- *To be judged on udder alone (need not be pre-entered)

Premiums: 1st-$15; 2nd-$10


20. Senior Best 3 Females- All bred by exhibitor, 2 owned by exhibitor

21. Dairy Herd- 3 cows that have freshened, owned by one exhibitor

22. Produce of Dam- 2 animals, any age, the produce of one cow, need not be owned by one exhibitor

23. Dam and Daughter– 2 animals, any age, need not be owned by one exhibitor

Premiums: 1st-$30; 2nd-$25; 3rd-$20; 4th-$15; 5th-$10;