Brian Kreider, Chairperson—717-949-3278
Beef Show-Wednesday, July 26

Please see additional entry requirements on the EXHIBIT page.

Pennsylvania and Lebanon Area Fair Cattle Requirements:

1. A Certificate of Veterinary Inspection issued within the 30 days prior to the opening date of the exhibition is required.

2. Individual official animal identification is required. Official ID includes a USDA issued metal ear tag; a breed registration tattoo if the tattoo is legible and if a registration certificate (copy acceptable) or Certificate of Veterinary Inspection which lists the tattoo and registry accompanies the animal at all times during transport from the premises of birth; or a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag.

3. An Animal Owner or Caretaker’s Verification of Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship (VCPR) statement for the animals be-ing exhibited is included on the Fair registration form. It must be signed by the exhibitor.

4. Vaccinations against the following diseases are required: *Rabies *IBR *PI3 *BRSV *BVD

*All drug and vaccine label directions must be followed, including but not limited to milk and slaughter withdrawal periods. The vaccine may not be given more than 180 days before show, and the final dose of vaccine must be administered at least 15 days prior to entry into the exhibition.

***Hyperimmune serum may not be used as a substitute for the above vaccination requirement. No animals will be admitted to the Fairgrounds unless these requirements have been met.

 Beef Rules

1. Exhibitors may show more than one animal per class but may receive only two premiums per class.

2. Joint ownership considered to be as one owner in accordance with registration papers.

3. When on exhibition in the ring, each animal must be under halter and under the control of the owner or the owner’s representative.

4. If an animal breaks away from the owner two times, the exhibitor will be asked to leave the ring and the animal is ineligible to sell in the regular Jr. Livestock Sale. However, the exhibitor will have the option of accepting the packer bid. Should the exhibitor decline this option, it will be his/her responsibility to remove the animal from the grounds.

5. Please note health rules.

6. Any breed with less than 2 exhibitors will be combined with others to make an “other breeds” division.


1. Angus
2. British White Parks
3. Chianina
4. Hereford (Horned or Polled)
5. Maine Anjou
6. Shorthorn (Horned  or Polled)
7. Simmental
8. Crossbred (Heifer classes only)
9. Other


01. Junior Bull Calves calved after 1/1/17

02. Senior Bull Calves calved between 9/1/16 & 12/31/16

03. Summer Yearling Bulls calved between 5/1/16 & 8/31/16

Premiums: 1st-$18; 2nd-$16; 3rd-$12; 4th-$8; 5th-$5

ENTRY FEE: $3.60

04. Junior Yearling Bulls calved between 1/1/16 & 4/30/16

05. Senior Yearling Bulls calved between 9/1/15 & 12/31/15

06. 2-Year-Old Bulls calved between 1/1/15 & 8/31/15

Premiums: 1st-$20; 2nd-$15; 3rd-$12; 4th-$10; 5th-$5

ENTRY FEE: $4.00

07. Champion and Reserve Champion Bull

Prize: Rosette

08. Junior Heifer Calves calved after 1/1/17

09. Senior Heifer Calves calved between 9/1/16 & 12/31/16

10. Summer Yearling Heifer calved between 5/1/16 & 8/31/16

Premiums: 1st-$18; 2nd-$16; 3rd-$12; 4th-$8; 5th-$5

ENTRY FEE: $3.60

11. Junior Yearling Heifer calved between 1/1/16 & 4/30/16

12. Senior Yearling Heifer calved between 9/1/15 & 12/31/15

13. 2-Year-Old Heifer calved between 1/1/15 & 8/31/15

Premiums: 1st-$20; 2nd-$15; 3rd-$12; 4th-$10; 5th-$5

ENTRY FEE: $4.00

14. Champion Female and Reserve Champion Female

Prize: Rosette

15. Get of Sire- Four animals from above classes, both sexes represented. Need not be owned by exhibitor.

16. Junior Get of Sire- Three animals, both sexes represented from classes 1, 2, 3, 10, 11, & 12. Need not be owned by exhibitor.

Premiums: 1st-$20; 2nd-$18; 3rd-$15; 4th-$12; 5th-$10.

ENTRY FEE: $4.00

Market Steer Rules

1. Steers will be classified according to weight.
2. Beef steers shall be free of infections and transmissible diseases.
3. No late castration will be allowed.

01. Open Market Steer

Premiums: 1st-$16; 2nd-$12; 3rd-$10; 4th-$8; 5th-$5

ENTRY FEE: $3.40