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Pennsylvania and Lebanon Area Fair Rabbit Requirements:

1. An Animal Owner or Caretaker’s Verification of Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship (VCPR) statement for the animals being exhibited is included on the Fair registration form.  It must be signed by the exhibitor.

2. All animals must be free of infectious and contagious diseases.


Bob Kolb, Chairperson—717-270-9050

Open Rabbit Show-Saturday, July 22 
ARBA and PaSRBA Sanctioned

Please see additional entry requirements on the EXHIBIT page.

 Rabbit Rules

1. All rabbits must meet the PA Dept. of Agriculture health requirements. See page 16 for health requirements.

2. All breeds of rabbits and cavies recognized by the American Rabbit Breeder’s Association (ARBA) will be accepted for entry.

3. All Rabbits must have a permanent, legible ear mark before the show. There will be no tattooing on the day of the show. The judge will have the option of disqualifying any rabbit with an unreadable ear mark.

4. All rabbits will be judged according to the latest Standard of Perfection of the ARBA.

5. Exhibitors shall furnish their own water and feeding bowls (in good condition), and feed. They are responsible for feeding and cleaning their own animals. Cages must be clean at all times.

6. All exhibitors shall be present to assist with set up and clean up. Set up will be Saturday, July 15, at 8:00 a.m. Be sure to sign in at set up and clean up. Animals are released on Friday, July 28 from 2:00-4:00 p.m. or after 9:00 p.m. All exhibitors are expected to help with clean up at 8:00 a.m. Saturday, July 29. Animals must be removed by 8:00 a.m. Saturday, July 29.

7. All rabbits and cavies must remain in their cages at all times except during judging.

8. Entries will be accepted until such time as cooping capacity is reached. PRE-JUNIORS THAT ARE ENTERED WILL NOT RECEIVE PREMIUMS, COOPING OR PARKING PASSES.

9. Only 4-H and/or FFA Meat classes will be eligible to receive cooping, premiums, and parking passes. MEAT CLASSES SHOWN IN THE OPEN (Dept. 9) OR YOUTH (Dept. 11) SHOWS WILL NOT BE COOPED, RECEIVE PREMIUMS, OR RECEIVE PARKING PASSES FOR THEIR ENTRIES.

10. Substitutions may be made up to cooping time. These substitutions must be in the same breed, sex, variety, and age group. No other changes will be made with exception of the sex of Jr. animals. It is the exhibitors responsibility to enter their animals in the correct class and show.

11. All tattoo changes must be made Friday evening by 9:00 p.m. NO EXCEPTIONS!

12. There is a limit of 2 entries in the same class by the same exhibitor.

13. Exhibitors must be present at the time of judging. Classes will be called three times ONLY. Exhibitors are responsible for carrying their ani-mals to and from the judging table at the appropriate times.

14. Exhibitors are responsible for entering their exhibits correctly. Illegible entries will not be accepted.

15. Cage skirting and animal identification tags will be provided by the Fair. Animal identification tags must be displayed on the cage at all times. Personal cage displays are to be limited to cooping area. Farm name and/or Rabbitry name may be displayed, but all other display items MUST BE EDUCATIONAL. No personal signs or displays will be allowed elsewhere in the rabbit barn.

16. All exhibitors are expected to read and adhere to the Code of Show Ring Ethics printed at the front of this catalog. Any exhibitor or family member found to be in violation of any of those rules will be immediately expelled from the fairgrounds and will forfeit any prize money. Additional restrictions may be applied depending on the severity of the incident. The Department Chairperson will have full discretion in this matter.

17. Check-in for 4-H & FFA meat pens is Friday, July 21, 6-7:00 p.m. All others, 7:00-9:00 p.m.

18. Cooping will be assigned by show committee according to number of entries.

19. No animals not entered in a specific class will be permitted on fairgrounds.

20. No “For Sale” signs are permitted on cages.

ENTRY FEE: $1.00

PREMIUMS: 1st-$5.00; 2nd- $4.00; 3rd- $3.00; 4th- $2.00; 5th- $1.00

NOTE: Rules 10, 12, and 13 in General Rules will be strictly enforced.

Rabbit Health Rules 

1. Rabbits will be screened on arrival for health and show condition. No rabbits showing signs of contagious or infectious disease will be admitted to the show.

2. Department Superintendents have the final judgment in resolving any dispute.


Class #: a combination of breed, variety, and age.

EXAMPLE: Dutch, Steel, Junior Buck= 19545

Rabbit Breed #:

01.  American

02.  American Sable

03.  American Fuzzy Lop

04.  Angora, English

05.  Angora, French

06.  Angora, Giant

07.  Angora, Satin

08.  Argente Brun

09.  Belgian Hare

10.  Beveren

11.  Britannia Petite

12.  Californian

13.  Champagne D’Argent

14.  Checkered Giant

15.  Chinchilla, American

16.  Chinchilla, Giant

17.  Chinchilla, Standard

18.  Cinnamon

19.  Crème D’Argent

20.  Dutch

21.  Dwarf Hotot

22.  English Lop

23.  English Spot

24.  Flemish Giant

25.  Florida White

26.  French Lop

27.  Harlequin

28.  Havana

29.  Himalayan

30.  Holland Lop

31.  Hotot, Blanc de

32.  Jersey Wooly

33.  Lilac

34.  Lionhead

35.  Mini Lop

36.  Mini Rex

37.  Mini Satin

38.  Netherland Dwarf

39.  New Zealand

40.  Palomino

41.  Polish

42.  Rex

43.  Rhinelander

44.  Satin

45.  Silver

46.  Silver Fox

47.  Silver Marten

48.  Tan

49.  Thrianta


Cavy Breed Numbers

50. Abyssinian

51. Abyssinian Satin

52. American

53. American Satin

54. Coronet

55. Peruvian

56. Peruvian Satin

57. Silkie

58. Silkie Satin

59. Teddy

60. Teddy Satin

61. Texel

62. White Crested

Rabbit/Cavy Variety/Group #:

01. Agouti

02. Amber

03. Any Other Marked

04. Any Other Self

05. Any Other Solid

06. Any Other Variety

07. Black

08. Black Otter

09. Blue

10. BEW

11. Brindle

12. Broken

13. Broken Color

14. Broken Group

15. Brown

16. Californian

17. Castor

18. Chestnut Agouti

19. Chinchilla

20. Chocolate

21. Color

22. Copper

23. Cream

24. Fawn

25. Fawn

26. Golden

27. Gray

28. Himalayan

29. Japanese

30. Light Gray

31. Lilac

32. Lynx

33. Magpie

34. Marked

35. Marked Group A

36. Marked Group B

37. Opal

38. Otter

39. Red

40. Roan

41. REW

42. Sable

43. Sable Marten

44. Sable Point

45. Sandy

46. Seal

47. Self

48. Shaded

49. Siamese

50. Solid

51. Solid Group A

52. Solid Group B

53. Standard (No Variety)

54. Steel

55. Steel Gray

56. Tan Pattern

57. Tortoise

58. Tortoise Shell & White

59. White

Age/Sex #:

1. Senior Buck/Boar

2. Senior Doe/Sow

3. Intermediate Buck/Boar

4. Intermediate Doe/Sow

5. Junior Buck/Boar

6. Junior Doe/Sow

7. Pre-Junior Buck/Boar

8. Pre-Junior Buck/Boar *See rule 8 for Pre-Juniors classes


1. This contest will be judged on Thursday at 3 p.m.

2. All entrants need to bring the dam and two of her offspring. Exhibitor integrity will be assumed.

3. The animals will be judged on the exhibitor’s ability to choose the best matings to produce better offspring.

4. This contest is open to any youth currently enrolled in Lebanon County 4-H or FFA rabbit project. They will need to present their up-to-date project book.  Be sure to include personal breeding and husbandry records.

5. If needed, the judge may choose to question all entrants about proper care to rabbits.

6. The judges’ decision is final! Any objections or disruptions could result in elimination from future contests. Exhibitors can only win this award one time.

7. The winners will receive a special award and a cash prize.

8. No pre-registration required.

9. Any questions should be directed to Hannah Kiscadden at 717-679-9180 or