Rachel Siegel, Chairperson—717-274-1197

Home Products Rules

1. Exhibitor must be carrying 4-H foods project as noted to be eligible to enter classes.

2. Foods other than canned goods should be displayed on a paper plate and be covered with a plastic bag.

3. See class listings for number of items to be displayed.

4. All posters must be 14”x22” in size. All others will be disqualified.

Fair 4-H Food Exhibits: Div. A-15 – p. 48


Snack Attack:

  1. Three oatmeal muffins
  2. Popcorn trail mix (one-cup) in a clear glass covered food container
  3. Three peanut butter cookies
  4. Poster on one of the following topics: nutrient dense foods, choosing fruits and vegetables,reading a nutrition label, or snack selection
  5. Poster record of your physical activity for a week, including time spent and type of activity


4-H Cooking 101

  1. Three granola bars
  2. Two pieces cornbread or two cornbread muffins
  3. One coffee cake or one-layer quick mix yellow cake
  4. Two brownies
  5. Three peanut butter cookies or oatmeal drop cookies
  6. Poster on one of the following topics: MyPlate, sugar in soft drinks, using and cleaning electrical equipment, microwave safety, setting the table, or salad preparation.


Science Fun with Kitchen Chemistry


  1. Poster on one of the 11 food experiments in the project book, include your observations and/or your results on the poster.


4-H Cooking 201

  1. One any-size loaf of one the following variations of the basic quick bread: apple bread, banana bread, carrot-orange bread, orange nut bread, OR whole grain bread. (The breads do not need to contain nuts.)
  2. Three cheese muffins without bacon
  3. Two biscuits
  4. One 9”X9” banana snack cake
  5. One 8X8X2” funny cake
  6. Four snickerdoodle cookies
  7. Poster on one of the following topics: Meal planning, cooking with ground beef, buying fruits and vegetables, or reading a food label.


Grill Master


  1. Poster on one of the following topics: starting a charcoal grill, starting a gas grill, using a meat thermometer, sauces and marinades, packing tips for grilling off-site, preparing a meal on a grill


Beyond the Grill


  1. Poster on one of the following topics: how to pack a cooler or an outdoor foods safety topic
  2. Notebook or collection of 5-10 recipes you have prepared in your project, include at one Dutch-oven recipe
  3. Poster with outdoor party preparation time-line



4-H Cooking 301

  1. Three of one type of shaped roll, such as: bowknots, cloverleaf rolls, coils, crescents, fantans, figure-eights, horseshoes, lucky clover, Parkerhouse rolls, pinwheels, twin rolls, or twists using the basic dinner roll or whole wheat roll recipe
  2. Two soft pretzels
  3. One loaf of basic bread or white batter bread
  4. One round (or square) of cinnamon rolls (8” or 9” round or square cake pan size) with icing.
  5. One cinnamon twist or Swedish tea ring
  6. One loaf (any type) of bread made in a bread machine
  7. One layer of one of following cakes: white cake (not frosted), chocolate cake (not frosted), oatmeal cake (not frosted), or carrot cake (not frosted).
  8. Poster on one of the following topics: outdoor cooking, slow-cooking, yeast breads, types of flour, types of grain, making butter, or kitchen equipment


4-H Cooking 401

  1. One loaf of one of the following: German dark rye, French bread, or other yeast bread
  2. Four pieces of one type of candy: cashew brittle, microwave peanut or pecan brittle caramels, marshmallow fudge, or toffee.
  3. One small pastry tart (without filling) or four strips of baked pastry exhibited on a salad size paper plate.
  4. One angel food cake, any flavor, without frosting or icing
  5. Poster on one of the following topics: Cooking with a double boiler, cooking beans and peas, moist heat cooking methods, dry heat cooking methods, stir-frying, or fruit selection
  6. Poster containing plans for a party or celebration meal


Breads Around the World

  1. One loaf or round bread made from a recipe that originates outside the U.S. (attach recipe)
  2. Three rolls from one of the following: pretzels, tortillas, etc. from a recipe that originates from another country or culture (attach recipe).
  3. Poster on a specific bread and information about the country or culture the bread represents. Include a recipe or recipes on poster).


Cake Decorating: judged on decorating skills only. Base may be other than cake.

  1. Decorated cookie (1)
  2. Sugar mold decoration (1)

First Year:

  1. Decorated single layer sheet cake, round, or square

Second Year:

  1. Decorated single layer sheet cake, round, or square

Third Year:

  1. Decorated stacked or tiered cake
  2. Poster sharing a technique or skill learned in the project.


Candy Making:

  1. Molded Candy (3)
  2. Dipped Confection – candy, nuts or other (3)
  3. Fudge (3)
  4. Poster about any aspect of the project.



Global Gourmet:

  1. Dessert Cake or Bread, indicate country & attach recipe
  2. Bread (1) loaf or round, indicate country & attach recipe
  3. Rolls, Pretzels, Tortillas (3)
  4. Poster about foods from another country


Premiums: 1st-$5.00; 2nd-$4.00; 3rd-$3.00; 4th-$2.00; 5th-$1.00