Nancy Brinser, Chairperson – 717-838-5686

Needlecraft Rules


1.  Each article must have been made by a 4-H member as part of their 4-H sewing project within the current year. (School projects should be entered in Department 11– Youth)

2. Article must be clean.

3. Select the class that best encompasses the exhibit. Items in italics following class name are types of techniques that are sometimes in- cluded, but not required in the project. If you have questions, please contact your sewing leader.

4.  Please select your division:

Division 1 (4-H age 8-12)                      Division 2 (4-H age 13-18)



Stitch by Stitch Classes:

01. Sampler with a variety of hand stitches, buttons, or patches

02. Decorative hand stitches on a purchased, sewn or knitted garment

03. Hand-stitched large item

04. Two hand-stitched small items

Miscellaneous Sewn Classes:

05. Apron

06. Drawstring tote or gym bag

07. Tote bag or purse (not drawstring)

08. Other Sewn Wearable Accessory (mittens, hat, etc.)

09. Travel, bed or sewing caddy OR pocket on beach towel

10. Draft dodger

11. Potholder or mitt

12. Pillowcase

13. Pillow or quillow

14. Other nonwearable sewn item

Knit Fabric Garments Classes:

15. Knit Fabric top, tunic or dress

16. Knit Fabric skirt, shorts, or pants

17. Other Knit Fabric garment(s)

Woven Fabric Shorts, Skirts or Pants Classes:

18. Simple- “Pull-on” with elastic or drawstring waist

19. Intermediate– Unlined, with yoke or waistband, darts and/

or pleats, zipper or other closure

20. Advanced– Tailored and/or lined with yoke or waistband, darts and/or pleats, zipper, or other closure

Woven Fabric Top, Tunic, Jumper or Dress Classes:

21. Simple- “Pull-on” or elastic or drawstring casing, or other

simple closure

22. Intermediate– 1 or 2 of the following techniques: Facings, button & buttonhole or zipper, sleeves, darts or princess seams

23. Advanced– 2 or more of the intermediate techniques as well as items with collar, cuffs, pockets or lining; tailored

24. Special occasion dress or formal wear

Woven Fabric Vest, Capes, Jacket & Coat Classes:

25. Vest

26. Cape

27. Jacket/Blazer– unlined

28. Jacket/Blazer– lined or tailored

29. Outerwear Coat– non-tailored

30. Outerwear Coat– tailored

Ensembles, Any Fabric Classes:

31. Ensemble– 2 or more nontailored pieces to be worn together

32. Ensemble– 2 or more pieces to be worn together, at least one piece is tailored

Create Your Own Project Class:

33. Project book and a display, poster, or other item pro- duced in the project (no garments)

Design Classes:

34. A garment made from an original design OR by combining/ significantly modifying one or more commercial pattern(s). Display must include the garment and copy of the front and back of the pattern envelopes(s) used.

Closet Connections Classes:

35. Closet or storage aid

36. Before and after photos of closet and/or drawers or other storage

Wardrobe Planning Classes:

37. Wardrobe Inventory and plan for mixing and matching garments

Shopping Classes:

38. A poster or display showing a purchased ensemble with a cost analysis

Weaving Classes:

39.  Cloth or textile made on a loom of some type (with photo or drawing of loom)

40.  A homemade loom or a poster showing photos of a home-made loom.

Crochet Classes:

Beginner (paired items, such as slippers count as one article)

41.  One small article

42.  One large article


43.  One small article

44.  One garment or large article, such as an afghan 


45.  One small article

46.  One garment or large article, such as a rug or bedspread

Knitting Classes:

Beginner (paired items, such as slippers count as one article)

47.  One small article

48.  One large article


49.  One small article

50.  One garment or large article, such as an afghan


51.  One small article

52.  One garment or large article, such as a rug or bedspread

Clothing of Other Countries and Cultures:

53.  Poster with pictures or illustrations of clothing and/or textiles of a specific country or culture or garment and/or head wrapping, or pictures, photographs or illustrations of an inter-view the 4-H member conducted with a person of another culture.  Poster must be 14” x 22” horizontal or vertical.

54.  Folder or notebook showing U.S. fashions based on inter-national influences.  The notebook should include at least 10 examples from magazines, patterns, photographs, and/or actual textiles labeled with the representative culture, country or region.