Arts and Handcraft Rules

Nancy Brinser, Chairperson—717-838-5686

1. Each article must be made by a 4-H member who is enrolled in a 4-H related Arts and Crafts Project.

2. Each article must be a part of the specific project in which the member is enrolled.

3. Each individual may enter one item only in each class.

4. Any item intended for hanging must be hangable.

5. Paint must be completely dry on all items.


Premiums: 1st-$5.00; 2nd-$4.00; 3rd-$3.00; 4th-$2.00; 5th-$1.00



PALETTE OF FUN (Age Based on Jan. 1) Cutting & Pasting Art Classes:

1. Junior– Ages 8-12

2. Senior– Ages 13-18

Mural Madness Classes:

3. Junior– Ages 8-12

4. Senior– Ages 13-18

Painting Classes:

5. Junior– Ages 8-12

6. Senior– Ages 13-18

Sculpture Classes:

7. Junior– Ages 8-12

8. Senior– Ages 13-18

Printing Classes:

9. Junior– Ages 8-12

10. Senior– Ages 13-18

Paper Fabric Classes:

11. Flat Paper– Ages 8-12

12. Flat Paper– Ages 13-18

13. Molded Paper– Ages 8-12

14. Molded Paper– Ages 13-18

15. Batik– Ages 8-12

16. Batik– Ages 13-18

Construction Art Classes:

17. Junior– Ages 8-12

Basket Classes:

18. Drilled hole base

19. Round

20. Square or Rectangular

Self Determined Classes:

21. Creative use of man-made materials

22. Creative use of natural materials

Craft Classes:

23. Wreaths

24. Decorative Slate

25. Decorative Frames & Albums

26. Tin Punch

27. Other Crafts, specify on entry form

28. Paper Twist Basket

29. Band Box

Macrame Classes:

30. Jewelry

31. Plant Hanger

32. Belt

33. Purse

34. Other


Sketchbook Crossroad Classes:

Framed pieces not to exceed 18” in height. Soft wall hangings no longer than 36”.  Entries must have card attached to the back with title of original artwork and principal element of design used. For fabric entries, sew lettered cloth name tag to the underside of the entry.  Entries must be the original design of the 4-H member. No craft kits or patterns from commercial sources will be accepted. No greenware or precast molded objects.

35. Drawing– 3 matted drawings

36. Fiber– 3 items

37. Sculpture– 3 items

Portfolio Pathway Classes:

38. Painting– collection of 2 or more matted or framed paint- ings designed to be hung together, and ready for hanging.

39. Printing– One matted and/or framed print

40. Graphic Design– 3 greeting cards

Soapmaking Classes:

41. Gift basket display of 3 bars of glycerin soap

Ceramic Classes:

Stained Item

42. First Year– Beginner

43. Second & Third Year– Intermediate

44. Fourth Year and Above– Advanced

Glazed Item

45. First Year- Beginner

46. Second & Third Year– Intermediate

47. Fourth Year and Above– Advanced

Embroidery Classes:

48. Picture

49. Pillowcase

50. Doily

51. Other

Cross Stitch Classes:

Unit 1

52. Bookmark

53. Magnet

54. Simple Picture

55. Other

Unit II

56. Pillow

57. Wall Hanging

58. Tote Bag

59. Picture– framed

60. Other– describe on entry form

Unit III: Design using waste canvas

61. Sweatshirt

62. Other clothing item

63. Home furnishing

Unit IV

64. Article using mono-weave fabric

Candle Making Classes:

65. Junior– Ages 8-12, display of 3 candles

66. Senior– Ages 13-18, display of 3 candles

Quilting Classes:

Note: The hand and machine quilting must be done by the 4-H member.


67. Quilt Block, hand quilted

68. Quilt Block, machine quilted

69. Bound pre-quilted fabric quilt

70. Whole cloth quilt, hand or machine quilted

71. Table runner, placemat, doll quilt, wall hanging or other small quilted item, hand or machine quilted


72. Tied quilt, any size including wall hanging size

73. Crazy quilt, any size, including wall hanging

74. Strip pieced, log cabin, patchwork or other quilt (not tied or crazy quilt), wall hanging/lap quilt size or larger

75. Garment that is quilted or has elements that have been quilted by hand or by machine by the 4-H member

Advanced techniques, including but not limited to: Appliqué, trapunto, sashiko, Seminole, Hawaiian

76. Quilt block or small project using one or more advanced techniques

77. Quilt with advanced skill for twin bed size or larger

78. Quilt made with multiple intermediate and/or advanced techniques

Community or Club:

79. Album quilt made by youth in a club or community setting



A.  Each article must be made by a member who is enrolled in a Home Furnishings, Home Management Project, within the current year.

B.  Each article must be part of the specific project in which the member is enrolled.

Premiums: 1st-$5.00; 2nd-$4.00; 3rd-$3.00; 4th-$2.00; 5th-$1.00


Start With Small Change– Unit 1

80. Clutter Box

81. Bulletin Board, with hanger

82. Other, specify on entry form

Latch Hook Classes:

83. Pillow

84. Wall Hanging

85. Other

Scrapbook Classes:

86. Beginner- (5) pages; journaling on minimum of 3 pages; wallpaper pages; cropping & matting

87. Intermediate- (8) pages; journaling on minimum of 5 pages; borders & corners; 2 page spread about 1 subject

88. Advanced- (10) pages; journaling on minimum of 8 pages; plus two of the following techniques: 4 page spread on one subject, calendar journaling, embellishments, and/or title/ heading/sayings.


A.  All skeins must be minimum of 10 yards and tied in 4 places.

B. Exhibits must be handspun by the exhibitor.

Premiums: 1st-$5.00; 2nd-$4.00; 3rd-$3.00; 4th-$2.00; 5th-$1.00

89. Any Fiber Handspun on , and displayed on the drop spindle, age 8-10

90. Any Fiber Handspun on, and displayed on the drop spindle, age 11-13

91. Any Fiber Handspun on, and displayed on the drop spindle, age 14-19

92. Plying on the drop spindle

93. Handspun wool- 2 ply skein

94. Handspun Camelid– 2 ply skein

95. Handspun Angora– 2 ply skein

96. Handspun Mohair– 2 ply skein

97. Handspun any other fiber or fiber blend– 2 ply skein

98. Projects made with Handspun yarn using choice of fiber (hat, scarf…)

99. Fiber animal to yarn or wearable item poster



A.  Each article must be made by a 4-H member who is enrolled in a Child Care and Family Relations project within the current year.

B.  Paint must be completely dry.

Premiums: 1st-$5.00; 2nd-$4.00; 3rd-$3.00; 4th-$2.00; 5th-$1.00

Babysitting Classes:

100. Babysitter kit, including container, emergency information, first-aid kit, and activity/toy(s) for preschool or elementary children.

101. Handmade educational toy or game for preschool or elementary child. Specify suggested age(s) and its educational use.

102. Cloth toys such as Doll or Stuffed Animal

Theater Arts Classes:

103. Puppet

104. Poster showing stage design, make-up or other part of the project.

105. Costume