Rachel Siegel, Chairperson– 717-274-1197



Baked Product Rules


1.  All products must have been made by the exhibitor.   Premiums will not be paid for commercial products.

2.  All entries must have exhibitor name, class name and number and department printed on a piece of tape attached to the bottom the container.   Cake pans and/or pie plates must be disposable – will not be returned.

3.  Only a portion of the product will be displayed.    All baked goods become property of the Fair.

4.  Open to exhibitors of any age.

5.  Entries will be judged on appearance, flavor, texture and doneness.

6.  Cakes classes are split into oil/butter cakes (not iced) and specialty cakes (including iced layer cakes).



Muffin Classes

01. Bran (3 in plastic bag)

02. Fruit (3 in plastic bag)

03. Corn (3 in plastic bag)

04. Herb (3 in plastic bag)

Cookie Classes:

05. Bar– 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 (3 on a plate)

06. Drop (3 on a plate)

07. Rolled (3 on a plate)

08. Molded (3 on a plate)

09. Whoopie Pies (3 on a plate)

10. Any Other (3 on a plate)

Pies and Pastries Classes:

11. Shoo Fly Pie (1 9” pie)

12. Cherry Pie (1 9” pie)

13. Other Fruit Pie (1 9” pie)

14. Dumplings, Any Fruit (3)

15. Pastries, Any Other (3)

Bread Classes:

16. Quick Bread-fruit/nut bread (1 loaf)

17. Yeast Bread-white (1 loaf in plastic bag)

18. Yeast Bread-whole wheat/grain (1 loaf in plastic bag)

19. Yeast Bread-dark other grain (1 loaf in plastic bag)

20. Machine Baked Bread-white (1 loaf in plastic bag)

21. Machine Baked Bread-Any Other(1 loaf in plastic bag)

22. Yeast Rolls-white (3 rolls, uniform size in plastic bag)

23. Yeast Rolls-whole wheat/grain (3 rolls, uniform size in plastic bag)

24. Sticky Buns (3 on plate in plastic bag)

25. Pretzels (3 on plate in plastic bag)

26. Bagels (any flavor/s, 3 on plate)

Butter/Oil Cake Classes:

*Un-iced single 8” round, 9”x13” or 8”x 8” sheet.

27. Chocolate– not iced, see above*

28. Yellow– not iced, see above*

29. White– not iced, see above*

30. Yellow with added fruits/vegetables– not iced, see above*

31. Other Flavor– not iced, see above*

Specialty Cakes-Including Layer Cakes:

32. Pound Cake, tube or loaf, not iced

33. Chiffon, tube or loaf, not iced

34. Angel Food, tube or loaf, not iced

35. Iced Cake (Layer or Sheet), any flavor(s)

36. Cupcakes, any flavor (3 cupcakes, iced)

37. Original cake using box mix (icing optional)

38. Coffee Cake-with fruit (1: 8-10” or 9”x13” cake)

39. Coffee Cake-without fruit (1: 8-10” or 9”x13” cake)

40. Other Cakes including cake roll

Candy & Nuts Classes:

41. Chocolate Fudge (1/2 lb.)

42. Opera Fudge (1/2 lb.)

43. Peanut Brittle (1/2 lb.)

44. Candied or spiced nuts–any 1 or mix of nut species in half pint or pint jar.  (Plain, unroasted nuts may be  purchased.  Spices/coating must be added by exhibitor.)

45.  Candy/confection (including dipped fruit, nuts, candy)

Sugar Free, Gluten-free Classes:

46. Sugar-free Quick Bread (3 muffins or 1 loaf)

47. Sugar-free Cookies- (3 on a plate)

48. Gluten-free Bread, Quick or Yeast-must attach recipe

49. Gluten-free Cookies, drop or bar-must attach recipe       (3 on a plate)

Cake Decorating Classes: Judged on decorating skills (neatness, design, etc.) ONLY.  Base may be other than cake.

50. Sheet

51. Round

52. Shaped

Gingerbread Classes: Judged on decorating skills ONLY.

53. Gingerbread House

Premiums: 1st-$8.00; 2nd-$6.00; 3rd-$4.00; 4th-$2.00; 5th $1.00   


Check out Department 23 for Honey Baking Opportunities!



Canned or Dried Product Rules

1. Canned fruits and vegetables to be judged on quality, proper canning method (see USDA 1994 recommendations) and general appearance.

2. Entries must be in standard clear canning jar with new two piece canning lid and contain a label with method of pack (hot or raw), method of processing (boiling water bath or pressure canned), and processing time. Quarts or pints accepted. Jars are only opened for Dried Fruit/Vegetable classes 28-33. Failure to label the entry (as detailed above) may lead to the entry being disqualified.


Fruit Classes:
01.  Cherries-dark, with pits
02.  Cherries-white, with pits
03.  Peaches
04.  Plums
05.  Pie Filling, any flavor
06.  Applesauce
07.  Other, please specify on entry form
Vegetable Classes:
08.  Beans-green
09.  Beans-yellow
10.  Tomatoes– whole, halved, or quartered
11.  Tomatoes crushed
12.  Tomatoes– juiced or blended
13.  Tomato Puree- unseasoned
14.  Spaghetti Sauce– with or without meat (must be pressure canned)
15.  Corn
16.  Other
Pickles/Relish Classes: (No artificial coloring)
17. Chow-Chow
18. Bread and Butter Cucumbers
19. Dill Cucumbers
20. Sweet Cucumbers
21. Beets
22. Peppers
23. Salsa
24. Sauerkraut
25. Pickled Fruit, any
26. Other
Other Canned Classes:
27. A group of any 3 different canned items
Dried Fruit/Vegetable Classes:
28. Dried Apples- (1 pint in glass jar)
29. Dried Fruit-any other (1 pint in glass jar)
30. Dried Corn- (1 pint in glass jar)
31. Dried Vegetables-any other (1 pint in glass jar)
32. Dried Herb (1 pint in glass jar)
33. A group of 3 different dried items



Butter, Jam, Jellies Rules

1. Jams and Jellies will be tasted and judged on color, textures, and flavor.

2. Entries must be exhibited in one-half or pint canning jars with new two-piece canning lid and contain a label with method and processing time. NO PARAFFIN ACCEPTED. NO FREEZER JAM METHOD ENTRIES.

Jam Classes:                                                                               

01. Strawberry

02. Peach

03. Any Other

Jelly Classes:                                                                              

04. Raspberry-black

05. Grape

06. Any Other

Butter Classes:

07. Apple Butter

08. Any Other

Marmalade Classes:

09. Orange

10. Other

Premiums: 1st-$4.00; 2nd-$3.00; 3rd-$2.00; 4th-$1.00                                               ENTRY FEE: $.40



Vinegar Rules

1. Vinegars must be in clear glass containers.

2. Vinegars will be tasted.

Vinegar Classes:

01. Cider

02. Herb

03. Raspberry

04. Wine

05. Other

Premiums: 1st-$4.00; 2nd-$3.00; 3rd-$2.00; 4th-$1.00




Debbie Hartman, Chairperson– 717-270-4391

Special Contest Rules

1. Pre-registration is not required. No entry fee.

2. Bring entry to Center Hall between 10:00 a.m. and noon on Monday, July 25.  Winners will be announced after 2:00 p.m.

3. Creativity is strongly encouraged. Decorative icing is allowed. Refer to individual contest rules regarding icing specifications.


Click here for rules.

Special Contest Classes:

1. Apple Pie

2. Angel Food Cake Contest

3. PA Preferred Junior Baking Contest

4. Homemade Chocolate Cake Contest