Becke Grumbine, Chairperson– 717-507-3282

House Plant (Division 1 and 2) Rules

1. All entries must have been in the care of the person’s name they are entered under for at least 2 months.

2. Any plants infected with disease or infested with insects will be removed from the Fair.

3. Use clean, neat pots. Clean off dead leaves. If your pot has drainage holes, please place a saucer under it so we can water it. OTHERWISE THEY WILL NOT BE JUDGED. Entrant responsible for watering of plants during the Fair.

4. More than one plant per pot is allowed except in classes where specified. These classes may only have one plant per pot. Only one entry per class.

5. In Section 1 classes, the plant must have flowers at the time of judging.

6. The judging criteria for house plants is uniformity of plant, free from damage (insect or handling) and free from dirt.  Leaves should be washed. Plants must also be in an appropriate container for the plant’s size.

7. Pre-registration is required. Entry fee will not be collected until the day of entry.

8. Top of container may not exceed 14” in diameter.




01. African Violet, any color (single or double), 1 plant per pot

02. Wax Begonia, any color, 1 plant per pot

03. Any other Begonia type with flowers, 1 plant per pot

04. Geranium, any color, 1 plant per pot

05. Impatiens, any type or color

06. Orchid, any color, 1 pot per plant

07. Any other flowering house plant not listed above

08. Flowering Hanging Basket-any type of flowering plants may be used-must be in a pot (no bags)

09. Flowering Succulent, any type

10. Fruit Tree/Plant (i.e. lemon, lime, orange), fruit or flowers NOT required

11. Returning Best of Show Plants – Plants that have won Best of Show in previous Fairs

Premiums: 1st-$5.00; 2nd-$4.00; 3rd-$3.00; 4th-$2.00; 5th-$1.00






01. Any type of Begonia without flowers

02. Africa Violet without flowers

03. Cacti (1 plant in pot)

04. Cacti/Succulent Dish Garden (3 or more plants in a decorative pot)

05. Caladium

06. Christmas Cacti (10″ pot or smaller)

07. Coleus (1 plant)

08. Dracaena (1 plant per pot)

09. Fern-Boston/Sword

10. Fern – any other

11. Ivy-true types (green or variegated) (English Ivy, etc.)

12. Ivy-any other type (Swedish, Grape, any non-true Ivy)

13. Peperomia-any variety

14. Philodendron

15. Peace Lily (Spathipyllum)

16. Prayer Plant

17. Pothos (heart-shaped variegated green/white leaves or green/yellow leaves)

18. Succulent (Jade, Aloe Vera, Cats & Kittens, etc.)

19. Spider Plant

20. Any other foliage plant not listed – List plant name on entry tag

21. Most unusual plant- List plant name on entry tag

22. Dish Garden (3 or more house plants in one container)

23. Terrarium (3 or more house plants in a glass container with cover)

24. Palm, any type

25. Foliage Hanging Basket-pots only (no bags)

26. Youth Fairy Garden (3 or more miniature plants in one container), 16 years and under

27. Bonsai, 1 plant

28. Gnome Garden (3 or more medium or large plants)


Premiums: 1st-$5.00; 2nd-$4.00; 3rd-$3.00; 4th-$2.00; 5th-$1.00                           ENTRY FEE: $.50

Best Of Show Rosette Awarded For Best Foliage Plant



Specimen Flower Rules

1. Containers will not be furnished, please display your flowers in glass jars, vases or plastic cups. Don’t use cans or paper and Styrofoam cups.  Mark your name on the bottom of containers to ensure the proper return of your vase.

2. The cut flower specimen classes must be flowers grown by the exhibitor and must conform to the number of blooms, spikes, or stems specified in each class. Flowers must be fresh, not dried.

3. Flowers must be one color or variety unless otherwise stated.

4. Judging criteria: uniformity of height, color, and size, and free from damage or insects.

5. Pre-registration is required. Entry fee will not be collected until the day of entry. One entry per class.


01. Ageratum (3 stems)

02. Angelonia (3 stems)

03. Aster (3 blooms)

04. Bachelor Buttons-Cornflower (3 blooms)

05. Cosmos (3 blooms)

06. Calendula (3 blooms)

07. Celosia– Cockscomb, Plumed (1 stem)

08. Celosia– Cockscomb, Crested (1 stem)

09. Cleome– Spider Flower (1 stem)

10. Gerba Daisy-(3 blooms)

11. Globe Amaranth (5 blooms, same color)

12. Lantana – 3 stems

13. Marigold– African, Large, Orange (3 blooms)

14. Marigold– African, Large, Yellow (3 blooms)

15. Marigold- French, Dwarf, Orange (3 blooms)

16. Marigold– French, Dwarf, Yellow (3 blooms)

17. Marigold– French, Dwarf, Bi-Color (more than 1 color in petals) (3 blooms)

18. Marigold– French, Dwarf, Single (1 layer of single petals on flower) (3 blooms)

19. Pansy– Same Color (3 blooms)

20. Petunia– Single (3 blooms)

21. Petunia– Double (3 blooms)

22. Salvia– Sage, Red (3 stems)

23. Salvia– Sage, Blue (3 stems)

24. Salvia– Sage, any other color (3 stems)

25. Scabiosa (3 blooms)

26. Snapdragons (3 spikes)

27. Sunflowers– Smaller flower garden type, flowers must be less than 7” across (1 bloom in water)

28. Sunflower– 7-12” (1 bloom)

29. Strawflowers– Can be different color blooms, flowers must be fresh, not dried (5 blooms)

30. Verbena (3 stems)

31. Vinca (3 stems)

32. Zinnia– Cactus flower type (Cactus type-narrow pointed petals on flower) (3 blooms)

33. Zinnia– Large flower, Flowers 2 1/2” or more across (3 blooms)

34. Zinnia– Small flower, Flowers under 2 1/2” across (3 blooms)

35. Mixed Colors, 3 different colors of the same type of flower (3 blooms only)

36. Annual Garden Mix (1 stem or bloom from 3 different annuals in a vase or jar)

37. Any other Annual not listed (3 blooms)

Premiums: 1st-$3.00; 2nd-$2.50; 3rd-$2.00; 4th-$1.50; 5th-$1.00               ENTRY FEE: $.30

Best Of Show Rosette Awarded For Best Annual Specimen




01. Tuberous Begonia (1 bloom)

02. Calla Lily (1 stem)

03. Dahlia– Cactus Type (narrow pointed petals (1 bloom)

04. Dahlia– Large type, Flower 4” or larger across (1 bloom)

05. Dahlia– Small type, Flower less than 4” across ( 3 booms)

06. Gladiolus– Large, Solid Color (1 spike)

07. Gladiolus– Large, Bi-Color– More than 1 color in the flower (1 spike)

08. Gladiolus– Small, Solid or Bi-Color (1 spike)

09. Lilies, White (1 stem)

10. Lilies, Any other color (1 stem)

11. Any other summer bulb flower (Tuber Rose, Freesia, Dutch Iris, etc.) (1 stem)

Premiums: 1st-$3.00; 2nd-$2.50; 3rd-$2.00; 4th-$1.50; 5th-$1.00                                       ENTRY FEE: $.30

Best Of Show Rosette Awarded For Best Summer Bulb Flower




01. Hydrangea, White (1 stem)

02. Hydrangea, Blue/Purple (1 stem)

03. Hydrangea, Any Other Color (1 stem)

04. Butterfly Bush, Blue/Purple (1 stem)

05. Butterfly Bush, Any Other Color (1 stem)

06. Chrysanthemum (3 stems)

07. Coreopsis (3 blooms)

08. Dianthus (3 blooms)

09. Liatris (1 stem)

10. Phlox (1 stem)

11. Roses Hybrid Tea, Solid Color (1 bloom)

12. Roses Hybrid Tea, Bi-Color (1 bloom)

13. Roses Grandiflora or Floribundia, any color (1 stem)

14. Roses Miniature (1 bloom)

15. Gaillardia (1 bloom)

16. Sweet William (1 stem)

17. Sedum (1 stem)

18. Shasta Daisy (3 blooms)

19. Coneflower (3 blooms)

20. Any Other Daisy– type Perennial flower (not Shasta or Coneflower) (3 blooms of 1 variety)

21. Yarrow (1 stem)

22. Bee Balm (3 stems)

23. Lavender (3 stems)

24. Perennial Garden Mix– (1 stem or bloom from 3 different perennials in a vase or jar)

25. Any other Perennial not listed (1 stem)

Premiums: 1st-$3.00; 2nd-$2.50; 3rd-$2.00; 4th-$1.50; 5th-$1.00                                       ENTRY FEE: $.30

Best Of Show Rosette Awarded For Perennial



Artistic Arrangements Rules

1. Flowers do not have to be grown by the exhibitor unless stated in the class.

2. Maximum care will be taken of containers and accessories, but the Fair cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss.

3. All arrangements must be of fresh cut flowers unless stated otherwise in the class.

4. Fresh arrangements not holding adequate amounts of water will lose points.

5. The arrangement should last as long as possible, so please use containers that don’t leak and try to use containers that hold a lot of water.

6. Pre-registration is required. Entry fee will be collected on day of entry. One entry per class per exhibitor.


01. Up & Coming Designers– Fresh arrangement designed by entrants 18 & younger.

02. FRESH AS A SUMMER’S- GARDEN– Arrangement of summer flowers grown by exhibitor.

03. FLOWERS BY CANDLELIGHT-An arrangement featuring one or more candle(s).

04. MOVIE NIGHT – Movie theme

05. MY GARDEN IN A BASKET-Fresh cut flowers arranged in a basket.

06. SPORTS THEME-An arrangement featuring a sport or sport team.

07. ALL ALONE– An arrangement using only one fresh flower; Foliage and accessories are also permitted.

08. ONE SIDED-One sided fresh arrangement

09. CHICK MAGNET– A fresh flower arrangement featuring a chicken or chicken theme.

10. IT’S A HORSE OF COURSE-An arrangement featuring a horse in it.

11. REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE-An arrangement featuring a recycling theme.

12. WHERE HAVE ALL THE FLOWERS GONE?- An arrangement using only fresh foliage, not flowers.

13. PUT ME ON A PEDESTAL- An arrangement on a pedestal or in a pedestal container.

14. ZIP-A-DEE-DOO-DAH-An arrangement with a musical theme.

15. FASHION-An arrangement featuring an accessory. (i.e. hat, gloves, shoes, etc.)

16. FIXER-UPPER – An arrangement featuring tools.

17. PLEASE YOUR PET – Featuring a pet theme.

18. FLOWERS OF THE WORLD – Travel theme.

19. A miniature arrangement 7” tall or smaller in fresh flowers.

20. A miniature arrangement 3” tall or smaller in fresh flowers.

21. Window box– 24” or less of annual plants

22. A dried miniature arrangement 5” tall or smaller.

23. Patio pot-24” or less of annual plants

24. A silk and/or dried centerpiece

25. A silk one-sided arrangement (a small amount of dried material is allowed).

26. A dried or silk wreath or wall hanging (wreath must be hangable).

27. Living wreath

Premiums: 1st-$10.00; 2nd-$8.00; 3rd-$6.00; 4th-$4.00; 5th-$2.00

ENTRY FEE: $1.00

Best Of Show Rosette For Best Fresh Arrangement and for Best Dried or Silk Arrangement

**High Point Rosettes will be given to the person with the most points in the following areas: Artistic Arrangements, Houseplants, and Specimens Flowers.

– Three points for a First Place

– Two points for a Second Place

– One point for a Third Place

Total Points for High Point Winner