Nancy Brinser, Chairperson– 717-838-5686

Needlecraft Rules

1. Exhibitor may be of any age. One entry per class.

2. Each garment to be judged on material, color, design, suitability, and workmanship. Garments must be clean.

3. All exhibits must have been completed since the close of last year’s Fair by the exhibitor. No undergarments or lingerie.




01. Children’s garment, boys, no smocking

02. Children’s garment, girls, no smocking

03. Children’s garment, smocked

04. Children’s garment, formal wear, girl/boy, no smocking

05. Adult’s garment, smocked

06. Shirt or blouse, any fabric

07. Skirt

08. Shorts/Pants

09. Woven fabric dress

10. Evening Dress

11. Knit Fabric top, tunic or dress

12. Knit Fabric shorts, pants or skirt

13. Jacket– any fabric, not tailored or lined

14. Two piece ensemble, women’s

15. Women’s coordinates- any fabric, 2 or more pieces

16. Active sportswear– one or two pieces

17. Quilted garment (by machine or by hand)

18. Heirloom Sewing– any child or adult garments

19. Aprons– bib

20. Aprons– half

21. Vest

22. Look Alike– 2 sewn items to be worn to the same occasion; Ex: mother/daughter, brother/sister, prom dates, child/doll

Premiums: 1st-$10.00; 2nd-$8.00; 3rd-$7.00;                                                               ENTRY FEE: $1.00


23. Coat/Jacket– any fabric, tailored and/or lined

24. Women’s suit– any fabric, simple tailored, 1 tailoring technique

25. Suit– any fabric, advanced tailoring, 2 or more tailoring techniques

26. Wedding Gown

Premiums: 1st-$12.00; 2nd-$10.00; 3rd-$8.00                                                              ENTRY FEE: $1.20



Knit/Crochet Classes:

01. Child’s sweater, knitted

02. Child’s sweater, crocheted

03. Machine knitted garment

04. Adult’s sweater, knitted

05. Adult’s sweater, crocheted

06. Infant Set (sweater/dress, hat, booties), knitted

07. Infant Set (sweater/dress, hat, booties), crocheted

08. Doilies, crocheted

09. Miscellaneous, crocheted

10. Miscellaneous, knitted

11. Knitted socks, one pair

12. Hat & scarf set, knitted

13. Hat & scarf set, crocheted

14. Knit or crocheted dishcloth

Premiums: 1st-$10.00; 2nd-$8.00; 3rd-$7.00;                                                               ENTRY FEE: $1.00

Afghan Classes– made entirely by 1 person

15. Knitted

16. Crocheted– Rippled

17. Crocheted– Granny Squares

18. Crocheted– Miscellaneous

Premiums: 1st-$15.00; 2nd-$12.00; 3rd-$10.00                                                            ENTRY FEE: $1.50

Embroidery Classes:


a. Workmanship judged on: X’s crossed in same direction; no knots; thread carries; clipped tails; neatness.

b. May have glass covering and backing covered.

Embroidered picture-must be hangable

19. Counted Cross Stitch

20. Crewel

21. Counted Cross Stitch, Embellished

22. Bargello & other needlepoint

Cushions/Pillowcase Classes:

23. Cross Stitch

24. Cut-work

25. Drawn-work

26. Crewel

Placemat Classes:

27. Cross Stitch

28. Cut-work

29. Drawn–work

Miscellaneous useful items-any technique

30. Wearable

31. Home Furnishings

Tatting Classes:

32. Tatting, any one item

Premiums: 1st-$10.00; 2nd-$8.00; 3rd-$7.00

ENTRY FEE: $1.00

Stuffed Toy Classes:
33. Stuffed Toy

34. Doll Clothing, 15” doll or smaller

35. Doll Clothing, 18” doll or larger

Premiums: 1st-$6.00; 2nd- $5.00; 3rd-$4.00





Kitty Zackey, Chairperson– 717-273-9850

Quilt Rules

*Classes for afghans are located in Dept. 18, Division 2.

Quilt Definition– A bed covering consisting of three fiber layers, a top-usually pieced or appliquéd, a layer of batting and a backing all held together with a stitched design. Unquilted fleece blankets with “knotted fringe” are not considered quilts and should be entered in Dept. 19, Division 1.

1.  Open to exhibitors of all ages.

2.  Entries shall have been completed after last year’s Fair.

3.  Entries in classes 1-12 must be bed-sized.

4.  Quilts in classes 1-6 must be entirely the work of one person.  If more than one person worked on the quilt, enter classes 7-12 and list names of all persons who made or quilted the quilt.

(Example: Pieced by ____________ and Quilted by ______________)

5.  For Classes 13-25, the work may be done by an individual or by several individuals.

6.  Entries which contain both piecing and appliqué should be entered in the class of the predominant technique.  If more than 2 techniques are employed, enter item in “other”.

7.  Entries will be judged on design, workmanship, creative use of color, and cleanliness.

8.  Wall hangings are not intended for use on bed.

9.  Crib quilts are intended for babies or young children.

10. Quilts, wall hangings and table runners must be entered from 2:30-5:30 p.m. Thursday, July 20.  They will be judged Thursday evening to facilitate proper display.  Quilts must be picked up Saturday, July 29 between 7:30 and 9:30 a.m.


Hand-Quilted, bed-size– entirely made by 1 person

01. Pieced/Patchwork

02. Appliqué

03. Other (mixed, whole cloth, embroidered, etc.)

Machine-Quilted, bed-size–entirely made by 1 person

04. Pieced/Patchwork

05. Appliqué

06. Other (mixed, whole cloth, embroidered, etc.)

Hand-Quilted, bed size– made by more than 1 person

07. Pieced/Patchwork

08. Appliqué

09. Other (mixed, whole cloth, embroidered, etc.)

Machine-Quilted, bed size–made by more than 1 person

10. Pieced/Patchwork

11. Appliqué

12. Other (mixed, whole cloth, embroidered, etc.)

Crib Quilts– If more than 1 person, list all names

13. Any technique, hand-quilted

14. Any technique, machine-quilted

Comforters (tied, knotted, or rag)

15. Crib-size

16. Bed-size

Wall Hangings– If more than 1 person, list names

17. Pieced/Patchwork, hand-quilted

18. Appliqué, hand-quilted

19. Other or mixed techniques, hand-quilted

20. Pieced/Patchwork, machine-quilted

21. Appliqué, machine-quilted

22. Other or mixed techniques, machine-quilted

Table Runners– If more than 1 person, list names

23. Hand-quilted

24. Machine-quilted

25. Other


26.  Quilt Block Contest- “Boats”. Each block to be 12 1/2” x 12 1/2”.  Use the theme to create your block.  DO NOT QUILT.  Must be 100% cotton, prewashed and treated to prevent bleeding.  NO buttons, charms or paint (must be child safe).  Each block will become the property of the Lebanon Area Fair.  Blocks will be used to make quilted items that will be constructed and raffled or auctioned at the following Lebanon Area Fair, with the proceeds benefitting the Lebanon Area Fair Scholarship Fund. Entries accepted Thursday, July 20, from 2:30-5:30 p.m.

Premiums: 1st-$25.00; 2nd-$20.00; 3rd-$15.00; 4th-$10.00; 5th-$5.00

ENTRY FEE: $1.00