Rachel Siegel, Chairperson– 717-274-1197



Wine Rules

1. Wines entered for competition in this Department must be amateur wine, home produced under regulation of Part 540 of the Code of Federal Regulations. No exhibitor shall be involved with commercial winemaking or use the facilities or products, other than juice (which may be sulfite) of a commercial winery during any stage of wine preparation and/or storage of the wine.

2. All wines must be produced and bottled by the exhibitor. Wines produced and bottled may be from any years’ grapes, grape concentrate, fruit, fruit juice, honey, or other fermentable.

3. All wines must be in standard 750 ml. Burgundy, Bordeaux, or Rhine shaped bottles. Screw capped bottles are permitted but will not be accepted if sealed with a cork. Sparkling wines will only be accepted if contained in standard 750 ml. Champagne-type bottle and sealed with a cork or plastic closure secured with the proper safety wire, or a crown cap.

4. All bottles entered must be labeled as follows: (type or print): year of fermentation; name of wine (if applicable); name(s) of grape(s), fruit(s), honey, or other fermentable.

5. Breakage due to incomplete fermentation will not be the responsibility of the Fair.

6. The same wine(s) may not be entered in subsequent years.

7. Wine classification– classes are primarily divided between DRY and SWEET. The sugar content of DRY wines must not exceed 3% while those wines with higher sugar content must be classified as sweet.

8. All grape wines must contain 75% of labeled variety (concord must contain 75% concord grapes). All fruit wines must be 100% of stated fruit (strawberry must contain 100% strawberries). Any additions to wine must conform with Dept. of Treasury regulations of approved additions to wine.

Dry Wine Classes:

01. Native American Red

02. Native American White

03. Rose

04. French Hybrid Red

05. French Hybrid White

06. Vinifera Red

07. Vinifera White

08. Stone Fruit

09. Non-Stone Fruit

10. Sparkling

11. Blends

12. Meade

Best of Show Dry Wines 

Premiums: 1st-$5.00; 2nd-$3.00; 3rd-$2.00                               ENTRY FEE: $.50

Sweet Wine Classes:

13. White Zinfandel

14. Native American Red

15. Native American White

16. Rose

17. French Hybrid Red

18. French Hybrid White

19. Vinifera Red

20. Vinifera White

21. Stone Fruit

22. Non-Stone Fruit

23. Sparkling

24. Ice Wine

25. Blends

26. Meade Best of Show Sweet Wines 

Premiums: 1st-$5.00; 2nd-$3.00; 3rd-$2.00       ENTRY FEE: $.50


Beer Rules 

1. Beer entered for competition in this Department must be amateur beer, home produced under regulation of Part 540 of the Code of Federal Regulations.

2. All beer must be produced and bottled by the exhibitor.

3. All beer must be shown in a 7-32 oz. size glass bottle with a crown cap.

4. Judging will be based on aroma, appearance, flavor, body, drinkability and overall impressions.

5. Only one entry per class, per exhibitor.

Beer Classes

01. Ale, Light (American to Pales)

02. Ale, Amber (Reds, Bitters)

03. Ale, Dark (Browns to Stouts)

04. Lager, Light (Pils, Vienna, Marzen)

05. Lager, Dark (Bocks)

06. Specialty Brews (Fruit, Spices)

Best of Show Beer

Premiums: 1st-$5.00; 2nd-$3.00, 3rd-$2.00