**The Champion Bred and Owned 4-H Project is sponsored by Morrissey Insurance. The goals of these classes are to:

-provide expanded opportunities for those 4-H animal project members that excel at their project.

-encourage 4-Hers who produce and exhibit their own project animals by promoting breeding projects.

-reward those 4-Hers for the extra effort required and the learning opportunity provided by caring for breeding projects.


1. All exhibitors must be currently enrolled in the Lebanon County 4-H programs and have met minimal requirements for membership. No pre- registration is required.

2. All members must be currently carrying a 4-H breeding project to be eligible for the Bred and Owned class.

3. Exhibitor’s 4-H breeding project books must be up to date and presented to show management prior to show time.

4. Open to 4-H Dairy, Beef, Sheep, Swine, Horse, Rabbit, and Goat exhibitors that bred and own their entry.

5. All Best Bred & Owned Dairy participants project books are due Sunday by 8:00 p.m. at the Show Ring.

6. In the case where both breeding and market animals are exhibited in the species, they will compete against each other for the recognition.

7. Premium – One prize will be awarded to each of the Winners in Beef, Sheep, Swine, Horse, Rabbit, and Goat.  Three prizes will be presented to each of the top 3 exhibitors of bred and owned Dairy animals.


Category                                               Possible Points

4-H Project Record Book


Fitting Award


Showmanship Award


Animal Type




1. 4-H Project Record Book– Books will be evaluated on completeness of records, production (on cows) and neatness. Overall quality of the book including pictures, story and supplemental information sheets will be taken into consideration. Primary emphases will be on 4-H record books.

2. Fitting Award – Fitting score from the 4-H Clipping or Fitting Class will be used. If your animal entered in this class in not properly fit, your score could be lowered.

3. Showmanship Award– Showmanship score from the 4-H Showmanship Class will be used. If you or your animal are not properly presented at show time, your score could be lowered.

4. Animal Type– A score of 1 to 10 will be awarded to your entry for its overall type.