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Board of Directors

The Lebanon Area Fair is guided by a board of volunteer directors and committee members, who meet monthly to plan the next year’s Fair. The Board welcomes public comments at the beginning of each meeting. To address the board, please email


Dan Siegel, Chairperson
Sue Werner, Assistant Chairperson
Alice Jones, Secretary
Russell Wolfe, Treasurer
Michelle Kaufman, Financial Secretary

Board Members

Harry Bachman, Jennifer Balmer, Jodi Dresch, Kelsea Dresch, Wes Harding, Kirby Horst, Alan Hostetter, Rick Kleinfelter, Linda Krall, Mark Krall, Brian Kreider, Richard Kreider, Dana Lape, Dale Maulfair, Nadine Moore, Gretchen Oberst, Rachel Siegel, Emily Summey, and Julie Weaver

Committee Members

Awards: Sue Werner, Chairperson; Jennie Balmer, Emily Summey, Katie Werner

Barbecue: Carol Kreider, Chairperson; Mike Balsbaugh, Yvonne Balsbaugh, Kim Ditzler, Kristen Grumbine, Richard Kreider, Phyllis Paine

Brochure & Catalog: Katie Werner, Chairperson; Jennie Balmer, Rachel Siegel, Emily Summey, Sue Werner

Commercial Exhibits & Food Vendors: Michelle Kaufman, Chairperson; Joe Difava, Mark Krall, Nadine Moore, Russell Wolfe

Community Day: Sue Werner, Chairperson; Tammy Reichert, Emily Summey, Katie Werner

Dairy: Dale Maulfair, Chairperson; Jennie Balmer, Paul Beiler, Barry Donmoyer, Dale Heagy, Bruce Heilinger, Shawn Hernley, Dale Himmelberger, Brad Hoover, Kirby Horst, Alan Hostetter, Lawanda Hostetter, Jason Kline, Colin Lentz, Lynn Schwenk, Kraig Sellers

Dairy Beef: Duane Nolt, Chairperson; Laura Heilinger, Deb Tice, Tom Tice

Entertainment: Russell Wolfe & Dana Lape, Co-Chairpersons; Alice Jones, Tom Jones, Michelle Kaufman, Tim McGowan, Nadine Moore, Dan Siegel, Katie Werner, Sue Werner, Scott Yeagley

Fair Queen: Andrea Harrell, Chairperson; Ashley Bishop

Farm Crops: Del Voight, Chairperson

Flowers: Becke Grumbine, Chairperson; Bob Bensing, Maxine Maser, Ray Moyer

Goats: Russell Wolfe, Chairperson; Dalinda Bohr, Matt Brown, Rebecca Eisenhower, Brenda Keller, Matt Molnar

Horses: Alice Jones, Chairperson; Lisa Dengler, Tom Jones, Becky Meyer

Indoor Exhibits: Rachel Siegel, Overall Chairperson; Nancy Brinser, Art, Photography, Crafts, Needlecraft; Rachel Siegel, Apiary, Foods, Homemade Wine & Beer; Gretchen Oberst, Vegetables, Booths, Tabletops & Scrapbooks, Evergreens; Dana Lape, Legos K’NEX & Models; Martha Gregory, 4-H and Vocational

Junior Fair Board: Dana Lape & Sue Werner Co-Chairmen; Alice Jones, Linda Krall

Kids Day: Tom Jones, Chairperson; Alice Jones, Michelle Kaufman, Dana Lape, Tim McGowan, Katie Werner, Sue Werner, Russ Wolfe, Scott Yeagley

Lebanon Area Fair 5K Run: Lebanon Area Fair Office, Chairperson

Livestock: Brian Kreider, Overall Chairperson; Brian Kreider, Beef; Deb Tice, Sheep and Swine. Matt Brown, Nate Graybeal, Michelle Kaufman, Dick Kreider, Jamie Martin, Matt Molnar, John Risser, Dan Seaman, Tom Tice

Office: Jennie Balmer, Chairperson; Alice Jones, Tom Jones, Michelle Kaufman, Mark Krall, Dan Siegel, Michelle Stokrp, Emily Summey, Sue Werner

Poultry: Dana Lape, Chairperson; Liz Ackerman, Daulton Lape, Dylan Lape, Mike Manning, Patty Pikna, Pat Witmyer, Shannon Rexrode, Valerie Rexrode, Michelle Voydik

Publicity: Emily Summey, Chairperson; Jennie Balmer, Tom Jones, Dana Lape, Rachel Siegel, Steph Speicher, Katie Werner, Sue Werner, Russell Wolfe

Rabbits: Bob Kolb & Kristina Kolb, Co-Chairpersons; Katie Werner, Sue Werner

Refreshments: Jodi Dresch, Chairperson; Lisa Ayers, Brenda Balmer, Lois Roop

Scholarship: Gretchen Oberst, Chairperson; Andrea Harrell, Tom Jones, Alice Jones

Security: Michelle Kaufman, Chairperson; Tim Gettle, Tom Jones, Mark Krall, Roy McMullen, Nadine Moore

Sponsorship: Michelle Kaufman, Chairperson; Emily Summey

Strategic Planning: Daniel Siegel, Chairperson; Richard Kreider, Emily Summey, Sue Werner

Track: Mark Krall, Chairperson; Joe Difava, Darren Grumbine, Wes Harding, Glenn Krall, Billy Smeltzer

Waste Management: Tom Fitting, Chairperson; Harry Bachman, Bob Phillips, Michael Rhen, Bob Wentling, Luke Wentling

Junior Fair Board

We are pleased to introduce our first-ever Junior Fair Board! These outstanding youth have been working hard already to plan new activities and lend a helping hand for this year's Fair
The members include: Cameron Arnold, Chelsie Bomgardner, Chloe Bomgardner, Crystal Bomgardner, Emma Copenhaver, Madison Copenhaver, Ella Hlavaty, Anna Houser, Brianna Libell, Miranda Mays, John Stauffer, Riley Werner, Noah Zimmerman and Tanner Zimmerman.

They are advised by Fair Board members Alice Jones, Linda Krall, Dana Lape, and Sue Werner.

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