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The Lebanon Area Fair Board would like to thank a very important group of people that make the Fair a success—our volunteers. Every year community-minded citizens work side by side with Fair Board members to bring Lebanon County a fair to be proud of. The hours are long and the work is hard, all done without pay and sometimes without a thank you. Please know your work does not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

"Every year community-minded citizens work side by side with Fair Board members to bring Lebanon County a fair to be proud of."

Want to get involved? We are always seeking new volunteers to help us present a successful event. Please contact the Fair Office at 717-273-3795 to sign up or click here to find the Sign Up Genius for the Eatery & French Fry Stand.

Kitchen – Taking orders, flipping burgers, and serving soup are just a few of the tasks performed by kitchen volunteers at the Eatery and Outside Eatery.

Trash – With thousands of visitors on the grounds each night, the garbage cans overflow quickly. Help to keep the fairgrounds clean by removing waste.

Fair Manager’s Desk – Customer service headquarters during Fair week. Answer phones, oversee the scavenger hunt, provide directions and more as an experienced member of our Fair volunteer staff.

Gazebo Staff – Answer questions in the outdoor gazebo as an experienced member of our Fair volunteer staff.

Set up/Clean up – There are signs and banner to be hung and taken down, chairs and tables to place and remove, and lots of trash to be removed at the end of the week.

Entry Check In – Thousands of indoor exhibits are checked in during a very brief window of time on Friday evening and Saturday morning. We need help making sure that every exhibit gets to the right place prior to judging.

The trash collection crew is among the hardest working. Get your garbage in the cans, people!

The BBQ team is definitely organized.

The pedal tractor pull is loads of fun. Volunteers organize kids, record distances, and drag the
tractor and sled back and forth.

Last-minute BBQ ticket sales.

Animal show committees need lots of volunteers. Brenda hands out ribbons at the goat show.

A little fun after setting up chairs for the BBQ.

Dairy royalty serve milk and help
present awards at the 5k run.

Horse show awards presented by Lisa.

Pony rides by Hoof & Horns
4-H Club volunteers.

See someone with VOLUNTEER on their back?
Ask them your Fair questions!

The Fair Manager’s desk gets a LOT of questions, answers the phone, and makes PA announcements.

Debbie volunteers pretty much 24/7 during Fair week.

George announcing the run winners.

Clerking the tractor pulls – it’s a family affair!

Andrew making sure the contestants stay
on course during Farmer’s Night.

The Early/Thompson clan is your pull-off tractor team.

Sue and TJ organizing the 4-H Benefit Auction.

Potatoes can be wrapped by volunteers of all ages.

Help package rolls, donuts, and wrap potatoes
for the BBQ.

Our 4-H members help wherever
and whenever with any task needed.

Animal show committees need lots of volunteers.

Animal show committees need lots of volunteers.
Kirby makes a great ring man.

The trash crew enjoys a break from the merciless summer heat in the air conditioning.

4-H club volunteers in the drink stand.

Dairy royalty handing out ribbons.

Somebody has to pick up the poop!

Medic Mike is on hand for emergencies.

Hog show ring men – or the “GRUNTS” as the
livestock club affectionately call them.

Calling bids during the livestock sale. Thanks Glen!

The track crew during the Firemen’s Competition.

The refreshment committee – working long and hard hours to bring delicious food to the Fair.

Betsy emceeing the 5k run.

Russell and Troy working the small animal sale.

Want to work the milkshake stand? Shifts are available!

Many judges donate their time, and volunteers
check in entries and clerk results.

More BBQ prep.

Animal show committees need lots of volunteers.
The hog show goes on all day and these volunteers
work tirelessly to clerk and announce results.

Judging the Talent Show. It’s a tough job,
but somebody’s got to do it!

Nadine chairs the Queen Committee and welcomes attendees to the annual competition.

The Dairy Shows require lots of help.

Ringman duties help keep calves
in line during the show.

Equipment operators spread mulch
and shavings and move manure.

Dana introduces bands for the
entertainment committee.

Dairy show line up.

Registering families for Farmer’s Night activities.
Thanks Deb!

Tractor operators at the track pull
of broken down drivers, move
obstacles, and more.

Rick helps to organize Farmer’s Night events.

4-H club volunteers in the kitchen. Sign up for a shift!

Dana and Ruby discussing dairy cattle
with a field trip group.

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